We have recently added more than 1,400 films and equipment to our Family History Center to create a complete library of Cook County and other local primary documents on microfilm.  Our Family History Center’s collection is the most complete local source of Illinois records. FamilySearch (the software company affiliated with the Family History Library) no longer provides access to microfilm documents as of September 7, 2017. While more than 1.5 billion images have already been digitized, that is only about half of the library of microfilm images that currently exists. Certain films and jurisdictions will not be available digitally due to changes in permissions and publishing restrictions. Cook County is one of the locales which had placed a restriction on image availability. Documents not already digitized nor filmed, will not be. Digital images of vital documents are only available while at a Family History Center or Affiliate. Indexes will continue to be available from home. Procurement of digital images that had already been microfilmed will be available through genealogy.cookcountyclerk.com as an alternative to a Family History Center or for documents after 1947. Our goal was to acquire all the available already-filmed images of Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates that exist for Cook County. We accomplished that feat, although there were a few films that were not accessible even to us. We acquired a complete collection in most instances with the assistance of several donations and generous patrons. We continue to offer our resources for free, but accept donations to improve our ability to offer new programs and technology.