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March 6, 2018  7 PM

First Tuesday Learning Seminar

Do you have a branch in your tree that needs to be extended to another country? 

Join us to hear Brian Barwick, Family History Center Consultant, present:

“Finding Jacinto Rodrigues Batista and Bridget McBrien”

This First Tuesday seminar will feature a brief overview of the Family History Wiki article,  “Tracing Immigrants Origin – Emigration and Immigration,” with case studies tracing immigrants Jacinto Rodrigues Batista of the Island of Madeira and the Irish lass Bridget McBrien.  The techniques applied in these cases should be helpful to researchers regardless of the country of origin.



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Recent Workshops and Downloadable Materials

Comparing the top 4 Genealogy Websites

Polish Genealogy and Finding your Town of Origin presented by Justyna Cwynar. See below for handout link

A special thanks to Thomas MacEntee for sharing his presentation: “They’re Alive! Searching for the Living”

Link to Mr. MacEntee’s handout: SYLLABUS They’re Alive (1)

Many thanks to Justyna Cwynar for presenting her well-attended Finding Your Ancestors in Poland Using Online Resources workshop. You can access her presentation and handouts from these links:

Finding Your Ancestors in Poland Using Online Resources

Cyrillic Script

Workshop Links

Chicagoland_Resources_2017 by Suzanne Hoffman

Did you miss the “Introduction to DNA and Genetic Genealogy?”  There was a hand out. Stop by and pick one up